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Adopting a Pet

Are you looking for companionship in a pet or perhaps an animal that you can train to compete in agility competitions? Consider these factors when picking the best pet for your lifestyle.

How much time will you have to exercise a new pet? Dogs should have at least three 15-minute walks a day- health and weather permitting.

Are there young children in your household? Family suited dog breeds or cats may be a good choice for a family with small children.

Does anyone in your family have allergies to pet hair or dander? Consider all family members who may spend time with a pet before getting one.

Also consider  how much of each day will your pet be alone? Dogs generally should not be alone more than eight hours a day.

How much grooming and shedding can you deal with? This is also an important consideration.

Do you have room for training crates or litter boxes? Adequate accommodations make for happier pets!

Have you considered how adding a new pet to your household will affect your current pet? We are happy to discuss these and other issues with you any time!