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Dr. Garruba is always happy to answer questions about your pets. Here are a few common questions he has recently received…

Is it OK if my dog sleeps in bed with me?

Mine does! Just make sure your pet is free of fleas and ticks

Should I give my dog heartworm preventative and flea and tick repellants all year long?

If there are any warm days in the winter- time, pests may appear, so in New Jersey, it is recommended to use these products year round!

Why does my cat rub her cheek on me?

There are scent glands in the cheeks of cats. They rub their scent on you to mark their territory and claim you as their own!

My dog rolls over onto her back when I try to pick her up. Why?

That is a submissive gesture acknowledging that you are dominant!

Can my pet get a sunburn?

Yes! Especially white dogs and cats and those with thin coats. The ears and noses of all pets are susceptible. You can apply an appropriate sunscreen to protect sensitive skin. Ask us for sunscreen recommendations!

Should I give vitamins to my pet?

Generally, young, healthy pets that eat a well balanced diet do not need vitamin supplements. Specific medical conditions, however, might warrant the use of these products.

How can I introduce a new puppy to our older dog?

Have them meet on neutral ground, say at a local park. If they manage to get along well, walk them home together so the older dog will feel less threatened. 

My dog seems to be showing symptoms of anxiety as he ages. What can I do?

First, have a complete physical exam, history, and blood work done. If anxiety is the diagnosis there are medications (traditional and natural) and behavior techniques that may help! 

Can I limit my pets water consumption at night to prevent accidents?

No. Fresh water should be available 24/7 to maintain your pets’ health and kidney function. If accidents are occurring at night an exam and urinalysis may be warranted to rule out a medical problem! If there are no physical reasons for this behavior then counseling may help!

Does my older pet still need to be vaccinated?

Not necessarily. That needs to be determined individually based on your pets’ health, vaccine history and risks!

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