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Darlene Applegate Willitts

Darlene is a talented Vet Technician and has worked at Nassau Animal Hospital for 13 years, and with Dr. Garruba for 25 years.  A 1997, graduate of Rider University, Darlene earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and immediately pursued her goals of working in veterinary medicine.  Darlene enjoys her career at Nassau Animal Hospital, thanks to the close close-knit staff, and the commitment they all share to do charitable work for the local rescue groups. Darlene excels as an anesthetist and radiologic technician. She lives in Yardville with her fiancé, three dogs (Darla, Stella, and Mickey), four cats (Lucy, Linus, Cypress, and Voodoo) and enjoys walking her dogs in the Pine Barrens.

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