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Dianne C

I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Garruba give my first fur child, Colette Noel, her first exam when he was just out of his vet internship in the early 1980’s, and then he was there to compassionately and lovingly attend to her until her last breath 20 years later. Dr. Garruba is the definition of kind, competent, and compassionate - qualities which inspire confidence and security, when putting a loved one's care into someone else's hands (or paws).

The office and staff are bright, cheerful, and comforting.  Every detail speaks to the love and joy of animals from the tail shaped leash , door hooks, t bulletin board of patients, and to the smiles and greetings of the staff, as soon as you walk in.

Abbey Rose, Francis Lee, Elvis, and Sebastian receive the very best of care, whenever they are there.  I recommend Nassau Animal Hospital at every opportunity.  Waiting room conversations usually begin with pet parents happily sharing their love for Dr. Garruba and his staff and the cozy environment.