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Joe A.

Our dogs have been patients, of Dr. Garruba's and the Nassau Animal Hospital for more than ten years.  When my wife and I first met, she owned a miniature chihuahua, Zoe.  We began to take Zoe to Nassau Animal hospital and continued to take her there even when we moved an hour from our home in Princeton to Northern New Jersey.  Zoe lived for 14 wonderful years, but she developed a heart condition around the time she turned eight.  Dr. Garruba diagnosed her and treated her.  Although 
he knew the prognosis was grim, Zoe actually lived well beyond her 
expectancy (for another five or six years!).

Even though we’ve relocated to Philadelphia, we travel with our second dog, Angie, a bijon fris - schnauzer mix, and  she enjoys the atmosphere. Dr. Garruba treats her well and we are not afraid to ask him questions , that, any overbearing and somewhat neurotic pet owner would ask.  We have recently welcomed a son into our home and Dr. Garruba gave us lots of practical advice dealing with Angie during this transition period.

I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Garruba and the Nassau Animal Hospital to anyone who views their pets as part of their family.  The staff is 
friendly and patient and Dr. Garruba is accessible, down to earth, 
considerate, and empathetic.  As long as Dr. Garruba is practicing, he will 
be the only veterinarian for us.  Now if I can just talk my wife into 
getting a larger dog next time -- like maybe a lab or golden retriever…