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Lydia K

We are blessed to have Dr. Garruba in our lives. Dr. Garruba also oversees the health of our three wonderful canines who share in the love of this super doc. Our precious Little Nell has presented serious health challenges to Dr. Garruba and he has consistently handled them.  Dr. Garruba  diagnosed our Tea Cup Yorkie's problems,  early on and changed the course of her life!  She is fine and Dr. Garruba has managed her well.

Our son even travels from Malvern, Pennsylvania for to Princeton to have Dr. Garruba care for his Imperial Shitzu and  Toy Yorkie. 

Emergencies are handled professionally and regular visits end in smiles and hugs.  I regularly recommend Dr. Garruba to my friends and colleagues and they are equally in awe of Dr. Garruba's style…he is brilliant and loving…the perfect blend for someone that treats our loved ones that do not have their own voice! If you want quality, ethical, professional and loving care for your pet…Dr. Garruba and Nassau Animal Hospital is the vet of choice!