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Our Community

Dr.  Garruba and his team have been serving Mercer County & the surrounding areas for over 25 years!

Rescue Mission Testimonials

AFEW PETS is a local rescue center based in West Windsor, NJ and has been working with Nassau Animal Hospital for a number of years, at least five. 

Nassau Animal... read more

Marilyn Hondorp, President, AFEW PETS.

Animal Alliance is based in Lambertville.

Animal Alliance has had the pleasure of working with Nassau Animal Hospital for the last 11 years, since Dr. Garruba... read more

Anne Trinkle, President Animal Alliance

RES-Q-PETS is a rescue based in Mercer County.

We have been coming to Nassau Animal Hospital since they opened in 2001. They are one of the few hospitals who that donate... read more

Angela Gould, President, RES-Q-PETS

Pet Rescue of Mercer has been lucky enough to be using Dr.  Garruba's veterinary services for the past 10 years. He has always been patient and caring with all the... read more

Emily Epstein, President

Animal Allies is based in Pennington, NJ.

As long-time clients of the Nassau Animal Hospital, Animal Allies volunteers have always received immediate... read more

Penny Branham- Co-Founder, Animal Allies