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Penny Branham

Animal Allies is based in Pennington, NJ.

As long-time clients of the Nassau Animal Hospital, Animal Allies volunteers have always received immediate service, the most compassionate care, and excellent medicine for their animal charges.  When he opened his own private veterinary practice for the public, one of Dr. Garruba’s main goals was to additionally serve as many homeless, sick, injured and destitute companion animals as possible.  To this end, Dr. Garruba and his staff have faithfully worked with at least nine rescue organizations over the years, lovingly treating literally thousands of animals, and enabling them to take their first steps toward adoption and happy lives.  It is unique that a private-practice veterinary office has served the general public so well while maintaining such vast support to animal rescue.

While Dr. G and his staff have assured themselves of a place in the great hereafter for their dedication to homeless animals, your pets will receive that same safe and nurturing care here on Earth each time they visit the Nassau Animal Hospital, its experienced veterinarians, and warmhearted staff. 

Client Name: 
Penny Branham- Co-Founder, Animal Allies