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To protect your pet from contagious diseases. It is essential to keep vaccinations up-to-date. The need for vaccination is determined on an individual pet basis.

Regular wellness exams are essential to evaluate your pets general health.  

Preventative medicine is fundamental in keeping your pets healthy. It’s important to get your pets checked, so that they can be monitored and treated early if any illness arises. 

Because your time is important, we strive to handle all your pets needs in a timely manner at no additional charge.

For your convenience we offer house calls. 

We offer the “Lion cut” for cats.

Upon a health examination, we provide National and International Health certificates.

There are hundreds of conditions that affect pets’ skin and ears. Our goal is to make a specific diagnosis and recommend treatment. 

 To increase your pet’s life span regular testing is important. We routinely perform x-rays, blood, and urine testing.  

Proper nutrition leads to a healthy pet. We provide specialized plans to meet your pet’s needs.