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What Color Is Your Dog’s Pee?

With snow on the ground pet owners get a chance to see something that is mostly unobserved: The color of their pet's urine. One of the most obvious things about dog urine is, of course, its color. Generally speaking, there are three categories of dog urine colors:

  • Clear to light yellow
  • Bright or dark yellow
  • Brown, orange, or reddish-pink

The color you want your dog’s urine to be is clear to light yellow. This means your pet is well-hydrated. You do want to see some yellow, because urine that looks consistently like water with no yellow at all may be a sign that your dog is drinking too much water or is unable to concentrate urine.

If your dog’s urine is a bright or dark yellow, he/she may be dehydrated or having another medical problem. This can occur from lack of an adequate supply of drinking water, or because your pet is sick.

Brown or orange urine can indicate the presence of hemolytic anemia, muscle wasting, liver disease, etc.. If your dog’s urine takes on a pink or red color, it may indicate a bleeding problem or infection.

It is important to check your pet’s urine – check both color and volume so you can tell what is normal for your pet and will be able to notice if a change occurs. If your dog’s urine is any color other than clear or yellow, you should seek help immediately from your veterinarian.