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What to do if Your Pet is Poisoned

When a pet is poisoned, quick and appropriate action is vital to your pet’s outcome.
If you feel your pet may have been exposed to poison,

Step 1: Call your veterinarian and/or the Pet Poison Hotline (855-213-6680) immediately.

Step 2: Identify what toxin your pet was exposed to or ingested if possible. Find the bag or container with the label of active ingredients, or get the phone number of the lawn service that may have applied the product.
Remove any additional toxin that may be in the area.  Even if your pet is acting normally now, toxin exposure may still have occurred.

Step 3: Do NOT give anything unless instructed to: Many people will think they are helping their pet by giving home remedies they may have heard of before, such as milk, salt, aspirin, etc. Adverse reactions to these home remedies can sometimes be more significant than the toxicity itself.

Step 4: Follow the direction of the professional you called.